The result of giving horses treats

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You will find many a horse owner that likes giving their horse a polo mint or a sugar cube as a treat. “A one off won’t hurt”, they say. Videos of horses drinking soft drinks and God knows what else posted on youtube the horse likes it so let them have a swig.

Little do they know that some horses never show a visible reaction to this poison. Their bodys are unable to digest these processed sugars so it starts to damage them. The pancreas is usually the first to suffer, later leading to the stomach, intestines and liver. Below I have posted a photo of Red’s inner lip, his previous owners got to the point of not only allowing him candy but he was also allowed to have crisps, bread, lemonade and I believe to a certain point they even gave him beer. Within the first few weeks of him being with us and getting fed a good diet, being allowed to graze his body started to eliminate the toxins that had been fed to him, the result? He came out in abscesses mainly around his muzzle and his mouth the worst one I have posted below was a through and through, I could penetrate his outter bottom lip into his mouth with 2 fingers!

To think if this is visible what goes unseen? How many horses have developed abscesses that have led to colics or peritonitis? People give them ”treats” out of kindness but can be killing them in the long run. Always remember to go natural and in small quantity. Its better to kill them with cuddles than with processed sugar!!!

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