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Learn to ride course

A 12 week course where we will work through the basic controls in walk progressing through to the introduction of trotting.

we will cover:

  • Preparing the horse to ride, safety checks, mounting horse & adjusting tack
  • Rein Handling
  • riders position
  • Halting & correct use of the leg
  • Turning
  • Bareback balance
  • Changing the rein & basic school figures
  • Circles
  • Controlling tempo/speed
  • Balance in & out of the saddle
  • lunge lesson- Rider position
  • lunge lesson – introduction to trot
    Price: €340

Horse care course

A 10 week introductory course on horse care. Content will be taught through a mix of theory and practical lessons and demonstrations. Course will cover:

  • Housing your horse/ keeping a horse outdoors
  • grass management/ paddock management
  • horse handling & safety
  • grooming
  • tack. choosing & fitting saddles and bridles
  • feeding & diet
  • horse health
  • Exercising horses/ building fitness
  • routine horse care – Worming/vaccination/shoeing/trimming
  • horse behavior & welfare

Price €300

Groundwork for horses

A 6 week introduction to working with horses from the ground. Ground work can improve your horses training, performance and enhance the connection between you. We will cover basic ground work training and lunging.